Eine Initiative nach einer Idee
von Marianne Grimmenstein



Template for an E-Mail to the english speaking members of the EU parliament

We have a proposal(!) for an information e-mail to the english speaking EU parlamentarians. For that we wrote a template that you can use for your email and a list of all the addresses of the members of the parliament. We provide the template and the list as a TXT file, as an RTF file with formatting and as a PDF file for download.

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UPDATE: With our new E-Mail generator you can simply click on the following links and get ready-made E-Mails for your Mail-Client. One mail will be created for every 50 parlamentarians. Does not work with web mail providers.

Template E-Mail, TXT
Template E-Mail, RTF
Template E-Mail, PDF

Address list, TXT
Address list, RTF
Address list, PDF

The most simple way to use the files might be to download the RTF oder raw text and then copy that to the body of your own new email.

The address list can be used in parts in the BCC field (blind carbon copy - a copy of the mail goes without all the receivers to every person in the list) of your email as receivers.

Please be sure to put your name and contact details at the end of the mail so that the recievers may respect your concerns. Feel free to alter or complement the text.

We happily appreciate your help and send kindest regards and a big "Thank you!"

von Magnus Rembold
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